Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Dreaming light and waking in the dark - We
Perpetually relive the Fall
Eternally recreate Creation 
Receive revelation
both asleep and awake - all

Lost in the belly of a whale
On the back of a bull 
gliding over ocean swells
Lying in the rushes, under the white weight of a swan
Traveling to the underworld
Emerging into starlight.

Amid polarities
hope and despair
shame and pride 
We have trod the earth--an armed race

With fire to illuminate or incinerate.

It’s all true for you and me (and everyone we know).

Look--see if is not so.
Forever, deep within
We carry images and experience
of paradise, of exile
And a longing to return

Illumination or incineration? 
Isn't this why we became human in the first place?
For the knowledge of good and evil