Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ancient Path

The moment, that point of no return
When you knew there was no one to save you
There was only you
the beat of your blood red heart
the pure white of your true self

But everything said something different to you?
"If you only, "If you just," "All you have to do is,"  What will people think if"
The real question: Where will you go and what will you do?

Now you find yourself on
“The ancient narrow path that stretches far away—
It has been touched by me, has been found by me.”
Within and alone, you must walk the path
a burden and a release

Have compassion for yourself and forgiveness

Let go the pain, anger, disappointment
The grief—that made you stay so long, or finally leave—
All those things imagined or unimaginable
That kept your world small and dim

Created a void, built the walls, separated your heart from love.

Look around and above
See the moon rising over frozen fields

Turn toward the silvery geese on the river
all at once lifting off into the mist.
Feel the sun on your face
Turn around 
with courage
to carry light into darkness

fill the void, burn the nothing
shatter the walls, close the distance.

Walk the ancient, narrow path.

swilliams '10

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